East Carolina

Italian Ice

Available Hours

Wednesday-Thursday 12PM -7PM
Friday - Saturday 12PM - 8PM
Sunday 1PM - 6PM
Now Serving Breakfast Tuesday's and wednesday's 9AM-11:30AM

50+ Flavors

Choose the right flavor for you

Curb Side Pickup

1.Pull up in front of suite 109
2.Turn on your hazard lights
3.Call the store 252-565-5593 & Place order
4.Your order will be delivered to you shortly

Now Serving

Freshly made acai bowls

state-of-the-art Italian Ice

Scooping up tasty frozen treats in eastern Carolina

Delicious ​Flavors

Mixing and matching unlimited flavors to create your desired tasty frozen treat!

Happy Customers

Keeping our customers happy is the #1 priority. If you're happy so are we!

Flexible dates

Are you looking to make your event special? We can serve our New York style Italian ice at your event.

the east Carolina experience

Original Italian Ice

Our Clients Believe in Us

Here's the proof

not just your ordinary southern snowball

We park wherever the action is—wherever you are.

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